Our Founder, Hanlon (Hank) Harris, Jr. founded Cold Star in June, 1991, with one simple philosophy: The Customer Comes First. Since that time, this philosophy and a winning family spirit have enabled Cold Star to meet the needs of their customers (whether fast food stores, coffee shops, colleges, hospitals, convenience stores, or any other arm of the food service industry) by bringing quality cream products to the coffee cup of the everyday consumer. Over the years, Cold Star has grown from a small family operation into a nationally recognized leader in the cream dispensing industry. Hank's appreciation for quality and customer satisfaction drives our company to this day, and his founding ideals continue to inspire all who are a part of the company he created.

As an independent builder of bulk liquid dispensing systems, we specialize in providing the latest technology and utilizing both ultra life UHT 60 day refrigerated shelf life as well as our new shelf stable line. No refrigeration is required for shelf stable products until they have been opened for use, allowing customers with minimal refrigeration space the opportunity to enjoy the flavor and convenience these products afford. Cold Star delivers "Simply the Best", light cream, half and half, whole milk, 2% milk and non-dairy French vanilla cream available to the food service industry. And wait until you try our delicious Cafe Chillers or blended tea drinks - all are flavorful delights. We are dedicated to consistently improving our service and products to meet and exceed your expectations.