Whitening Creamers & Ice Coffee​

Do you possess a passion to provide your customers with an assortment of coffee or tea whitening products and coffee drinks? Now you can, with a little help from Cold Star. We are dedicated to consistently improving our service and products to meet and exceed your expectations.



Whitening Creamer

We specialize in providing the latest in bulk cream dispensing technologies. Our Whitening and Beverage Programs provide you with our reliable refrigerated dispensing equipment, along with our lifetime guarantee of the dispenser, during continued product purchases. For those who prefer to lease or purchase their dispensing equipment, such programs are now available.


Cafe Chiller Iced Coffee Drink

How refreshing to reach for a chilled beverage that provides you with an energy and spirit lift, as well as protein and calcium, while satisfying your thirst morning, noon or night. Select a favorite flavor from our Cafe Chiller Mocha and French Vanilla offerings today and have your machine dispensing a tasty drink your customers may enjoy at any time of the day or night. Give your customers a reason to come back - increase customer visits, your sales and increase profits.

Trusted Distributors

Become one of our trusted distributors and you may be dispensing whitening products for your coffee / tea program or delicious Cafe Chiller iced coffee beverages to your customers in a matter of days!