Beverages & Dispensers

Do you possess a passion to provide your customers with an assortment of coffee or tea whitening products? Now you can, with a little help from Cold Star. Cold Star Liquid Dispensers have the capacity to refrigerate a selected variety of whitening products. Your customers will find the large selection tempting and our dispensers simple to use.

Whitening Creamer

Cold Star delivers no refrigeration, shelf stable "Simply the Best" light cream, half and half, whole milk, 2% milk, skim milk, and non-dairy French vanilla cream. Affordable convenience with just a push of a button!
Kosher Certified

Cold Star CREAMER Machine 2022

Liquid Dispensers

NO DEFROSTING EVER! Increase profits by reducing labor, inventory, countertop space, and product costs. A compact energy efficient system that is reliable, sanitary, and convenient to implement. All models meet or exceed USDA standards for consistent freshness.


Iced Coffee

Choose from a selection of "Cafe Chiller" flavors like Mocha Latte and French Vanilla and have your machine dispensing a tasty drink your customers may enjoy at any time of the day or night.